"It's a happy talent to know how to play"

-Ralph Waldo Emmerson


My entire life can be categorized by a series of ever-evolving hobbies and crafts. I love creation in all its forms and in an effort to control the chaos that was my haphazard skill-collecting, I decided as part of a New Year's resolution that I would, one by one, learn how to work with the most common building tools and materials. Here are some of my most favorite builds.
This ornament is the first piece of glass I ever blew. It is named Cosmo - and yes, there is a matching Wanda
This marble was my first time working with molten glass. It isn't perfectly round, but then again, neither am I.
This stained glass panel was made when I was learning how to cut glass into curved shapes.
This stained glass panel was my first full panel and was made as a wedding present for a friend.
This was my first ever stained glass project. It won the "Best Hand-Crafted" award at the 2021 UNC Makerfest
This pencil cup was my first attempt at a 3D stained glass piece. As you can tell, I love butterflies.
a clear glass blown ornament that has green and yellow speckles on the bottoma clear glass marble with a blue and green swirl pattern on the insidea stained glass panel of a cross with an accented borderA stained glass profile view of a butterfly with copper wire antlersA pencil cup made out of stained glass with a green and purple butterfly on it. There is a pair of calipers, a pencil, and some misc tools in the cupa stained glass panel of a blooming flower on a clear background being held in the light
I built this chest to hold my dog's toys. I'm still working on teaching her how to put them away herself.
I made this shelf to hold my crafting supplies. All of the materials used for this project were sourced from scrap leftover from previous work.
This pen was the first time I tried using a lathe. While it's not the most comfortable writing utensil, I had fun making it.
Making this piece definitely cemented the lathe as my favorite tool. Eventually, I'd like to make a full chess set using a variety of woods.
I made this shelf out of an old guitar body. The face of the guitar was made from scratch using a thin sheet of plywood.
a wooden toy chest full of dog toysme laying horizontally inside of an otherwise empty rolling shelf holding a thumbs upA pen made on a lathe using a dark wood that has a large center bulge and smaller ends.A giant lathed chess pieceWhat appears to be a guitar but is actually a shelf


Eating Corn: A Series

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