ana carvallo

design engineer | mathematician | wordsmith
a mad hatter of innovation, my work lies at the crossroads of design, engineering, and humanity and embraces the powers of play and curiosity to foster innovative connections

what i do

Working at every stage of the design process, I am able to draw meaningful connections from primary and secondary research to inform and eventually bring to fruition differentiated design concepts that adequately address the root cause.  For full projects, see my case studies.


My research is holistic, trauma informed, and collaborative whenever possible. I lean on quantitative data  to characterize a problem while qualitative informs me as to the problem's root cause.


Brainstorming is my joie de vivre. I lean into big, messy problems because they necessitate weird, crazy ideas. My work is informed by my research and inspired by the universe.


From the tape-and-paper prototypes to final manufacturable designs, my maker boots were made for walking. And that's just what they'll do.